Monday, February 12, 2024

Lock Down - Step Over The Bodies

New York's Lockdown delivers a potent blend of metal and hardcore with their debut album "Step Over The Bodies". This seasoned band packs a punch with a powerful sound and adrenaline-infused anthems.

Lockdown’s, "Step Over The Bodies", features 15 songs that deliver a sonic barrage of tight guitars, explosive drumming, and hard hitting vocals. All songs deliver a high energy, punch in your face impact, in under 40 minutes. "Duked” and "Trail Of Tears" are my stand out tracks.

"Step Over The Bodies" is produced by Biohazard's Billy Graziadei and Danny Schuler, with engineering duties handled by Jeff Cummings of Sworn Enemy. This is a great collaboration resulting in a very good sounding album. Lockdown is definitely worth checking out, be on the lookout for their sophomore release coming in this spring!

"Step Over The Bodies" is available on CD and digital download thru Selfmade Records.


Sunday, January 14, 2024

DYS – Brotherhood

Boston legends, DYS, is commemorating the 40-year anniversary of "Brotherhood" with a limited edition vinyl release. 1,000 copies in two colors: clear (300 pressed) and translucent red (700 pressed). Both versions are single sided with a screen-printed B-side that reads, "TRUE TILL DEATH, BROTHERHOOD, DYS". This anniversary release also includes a bonus track, "Wolfpack", with backing vocals from Bob Mould, Grant Hart, and Greg Norton!

The first thing that hits you is the remastered audio. It's like hearing "Brotherhood" for the first time with the volume cranked to 11, a sonic upgrade that does justice to the band's intensity. The music is as relevant today as it was in 1983, a primal scream of youthful angst, a middle finger to conformity, and a call to arms for those who feel disenfranchised. This isn't just a nostalgia trip, it's a reminder that the anger and energy of hardcore punk are timeless.

Whether you're a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, this reissue is a great tribute to a valuable piece of hardcore punk history. Copies are selling fast, Bridge Nine has sold out, RevHQ still has translucent red copies.

Proceeds from this edition are being donated to Dave Smalley's medical fund.

Sunday, December 17, 2023

New Order - Substance 1987

What is there to be said about New Order that has not been told before? Formed in 1980 in Salford, England, the band emerged from the ashes of Joy Division, after the death of their lead singer Ian Curtis. With their mixture of alternative post-punk electronic sound, New Order basically created a genre of their own.

"Substance 1987" is a compilation album featuring all the singles the band had released up to that point. Originally released in 1987 by Factory Records, "Substance 1987" became the bands most successful album, selling over one million copies. Last month, New Order released a remastered and expanded version of their iconic album.

The new edition is available in various formats:

2LP Double Vinyl

2CD Double Disc

4CD Deluxe Edition

2LP Colored Vinyl, Blue/Red (Retail Exclusive)

2 Cassettes (New Order Store exclusive)

The 4CD deluxe edition includes a wealth of bonus material, including:

CD3: "Rarities" featuring alternate versions, remixes, and B-sides.

CD4: "Live from Irvine Meadows, California, September 12, 1987", a previously unreleased live recording of the band performing "Substance 1987" in sequence.

I picked up the 2LP Colored Vinyl. The sound quality is fantastic! My only complain about this, it would have been nicer if this was made into a gatefold. I'm not pleased with having 2 LPs fitting into the jacket.

While the reissue undoubtedly caters to die-hard New Order fans, its significance extends far beyond that. With its timeless hits "Confusion", "Blue Monday", "Temptation" and "The Perfect Kiss", this release remains a perfect entry point for new listeners.

Monday, December 11, 2023

Killing Time - Brightside

Thirty-four years after its initial release, Killing Time's iconic debut album, "Brightside", has been reborn courtesy of Triple-B Records. Featuring original members from Token Entry and Breakdown, this new edition offers a chance for hardcore veterans and newcomers alike to experience this landmark album in a whole new light.

The first thing that strikes you about the reissue is the sound quality. The remastering brings out a crisp and clear sound that breathes new life into the music. The packaging looks great and the vinyl variants look excellent.

The reissue is available in a variety of limited edition variants:

Test Presses - 20

Glow in The Dark - 100 (BBB Exclusive)

Neon Violet inside Ultra Clear w/ Blue Jay & Neon Yellow Splatter - 250 (BBB Exclusive) 

Half Yellow / Half Blue w/ Black Splatter - 250 (EU Exclusive via Evil Greed)

Yellow - 250 (Revelation Exclusive)

Cloudy Blue - 250 (UK Exclusive via Devil Dog)

Ultra Clear / Neon Yellow / Ultra Clear Tri-Stripe w/ Blue Jay Splatter - 400

Blue Jay / White A Side B Side w/ Neon Yellow Splatter - 500

Black Ice w/Neon Yellow Splatter - 500

"Brightside" is a must-have for any fan of hardcore. Whether you're a longtime fan or a new listener discovering it for the first time, "Brightside" is an album that will stay with you long after the last note fades out. 

The "Brightside" reissue is available thru Triple-B Records and various retailers. This is a one time pressing, so don't sleep on it!

Fun fact: yours truly is one of the backup vocalist on this album.

Monday, December 4, 2023

Crazy Eddie - Eddie Puts Out A 7 Inch

“Eddie Puts Out a 7 Inch” is the first vinyl release from the NYHC band Crazy Eddie. The EP includes 5-songs on white wax, and comes in a hand numbered De-Lux gatefold with an exclusive sticker. Released on Rockin’ Rex, the EP is limited to 420 copies.

From the opening track, "Love Letter", Crazy Eddie kicks right into it! Delivering a healthy dose of raw energetic hardcore. Chucky Brown's vocals are spat out with a venomous intensity, while the band remains locked into a tight groove. Each song is a short, sharp burst of energy with catchy hooks. What I like most about Crazy Eddie is their ability to write classic NYHC, but still sound like a modern band. 

“Eddie Puts Out a 7 Inch” is an uncompromising record that perfectly captures the spirit of the genre. If you're looking for something to get your blood pumping, this EP might be for you.

Pick up “Eddie Puts Out a 7 Inch” directly from the source, available here.

Sunday, November 19, 2023

SS Decontrol - The Kids Will Have Their Say

"The Kids Will Have Their Say" is the debut album by the Boston hardcore band SS Decontrol. Released in 1982, the album was heralded as the first straight edge album. It helped define the Boston hardcore scene and influenced countless bands that came after them. The original LP was a split-release between Dischord and X-Claim records. Only 1,000 copies were pressed, making it a hard to find and expensive collector's item. In 1987, a bootleg was made with the label names changed to Discord and Ex-Claim, making it easy to separate from the original pressing.

After being out of print for 41 years, "The Kids Will Have Their Say" has finally received a proper reissue from Trust Records. The audio has been remastered and the iconic cover has been recreated. The original album was recorded on a shoestring budget, but the remastering brings out the intensity of the band's performance. 

Overall, the reissue is a fitting tribute to a classic album, and it is sure to introduce a new generation of fans to the music of SS Decontrol.

Gold -100 (Hand Numbered Edition) 

Gold - 250 (Exclusive only for XCLAIM Club Members)

White/Black Splatter - 300 (Generation Records Exclusive)

Green - 300 (Southern Lord Exclusive)

Blue - 300 (Rough Trade Exclusive)

Red - 350 (Brooklyn Vegan Exclusive)

Orange - 500 (Newbury Comics Exclusive)

Pink - 500 (Trust Records)

White/w Alternate White Cover - 500 (Trust Records)

Solid Black/Transparent Black Split - 750 (Trust Records)

Yellow - 1,000 (RevHQ Exclusive)

Second press: Grey - 1,500 (RevHQ Exclusive)

Friday, October 27, 2023

Bold - Speak Out

BOLD's debut album, "Speak Out", has been remastered and reissued on vinyl to commemorate its 35 year anniversary. The LP was originally released in 1988 and is considered to be a classic of the New York Hardcore genre.

BOLD is a good example of the youth crew sound of the day, fast tempos, heavy guitars, and aggressive screaming vocals. “Speak Out” is most notable for its positive message, which promotes straight edge, unity, and social justice. The LP also includes a 40-page booklet with rare photos, flyers, and zine clippings from the band's early days.

The music on "Speak Out" is still as relevant today as it was when first released. Songs like "Talk Is Cheap," "Nailed To The X," and "Wise Up" continue to be straight edge anthems.

Overall, BOLD's “Speak Out”, is a must-have for any fan of NYHC, or hardcore music in general. It's a well-produced, limited-edition release of a classic album. 

Clear - 300 (Coretex, Generation, Project M)

Orange and White Marble - 450 (RevHQ Exclusive)

Opaque Blue - 600 (Retail Store Exclusive)

Opaque Orange - 1,500 

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

CPG - Visions

CPG is a Canadian musician who has been playing music for over 20 years. He creates a unique blend of metal and hardcore. To follow up on his debut release, “Elusive Asylum”, CPG has released a new 10-song album titled, “Visions”. Elusive Asylum is an excellent album, so I was eager to hear what CPG came up with for this new release. 

“Visions” opens with the title track, which is a powerful song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. CPG's vocals are stronger, the riffs are heavier and more complex. One of the things that makes CPG's music so unique is his ability to blend different genres together. The music is heavy metal inspired, but the songs have very catchy melodies. This makes CPG’s music more accessible to a wider audience than just metal fans. 

Overall, “Visions” is very well-crafted. I highly recommend checking out this album, it’s available in digital format, as well as on CD. For vinyl collectors, a 12” release is planned for the near future. 



Monday, August 7, 2023

Agnostic Front - Victim in Pain

The new vinyl LP reissue of “Victim in Pain” by Agnostic Front is a 40th anniversary edition released by Bridge 9 Records. The packaging of the reissue is top-notch, featuring the original jacket design with embossed lettering, the sleeve is printed with a live picture of the band with lyrics on the opposite side. “Victim in Pain” includes all the original songs remastered and pressed on limited edition colored vinyl.

Gold - 200 (Coretex Records Exclusive)

Red - 300 (Generation Records Exclusive)

Blue - 500 (Bridge 9 Records Exclusive)

Black Platinum Swirl - 500 (Revolver Exclusive) 

Silver - 1000 (Bridge 9 Records Exclusive)

Yellow - 1000 (Revelation Records Exclusive)

The sound of the reissue is excellent. The remastering has brought out the best of the album's raw, aggressive sound. The drums sound punchy, the guitars and bass are sharp, and Roger’s vocals are clear and powerful.

“Victim in Pain” was originally released in 1984 by Rat Cage Records. It was the band's debut album and is considered one of the most important albums in the history of hardcore punk. Agnostic Front is considered one of the most influential bands in the New York Hardcore scene, as well as pioneers of the crossover thrash genre.

Overall, the 40th anniversary repress of “Victim in Pain” is a great release. It's a classic album and the music is still as powerful and relevant as it was when it first came out. If you're a fan of hardcore punk, then you need to own this album.

“Victim in Pain” is available now at Bridge 9 Records

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Side By Side - You're Only Young Once...

The new Side By Side "You're Only Young Once..." vinyl LP is an expanded reissue of the band's highly sought-after 1988 7" vinyl EP. The LP is available in a variety of formats, including fuchsia and white, translucent purple, pink, and opaque purple vinyl. The songs have been remastered, but still captures the raw energy and aggression of the band. The LP features all the original tracks plus, three compilation tracks which are excellent additions to the album!

• "Violence To Fade" (from the "New York City Hardcore 1987 - Together" compilation)

• "Dead Serious" and “Time Is Now” (from the "New York City Hardcore - The Way It Is" compilation)

The album opens with "Backfire", a classic example of Side By Side's sound, driving guitars, pounding drums, and Jules's impassioned vocals. Other standout tracks include "My Life to Live", "Living A Lie", and "Look Back".

Overall, "You're Only Young Once..." is a fantastic reissue of a classic hardcore punk album. The remastering is excellent, the artwork is great, and the music is still as powerful as ever. This is a must-have for fans of hardcore punk, and it is a great introduction to the band for those who are new to them.

Copies of the LP are still available at RevHQ

Monday, March 13, 2023

Aggros - Rise Of The Aggros

Aggros is the new instrumental hardcore/metal band by Parris Mayhew, who is best known as the songwriter and founding member of the iconic NYHC band The Cro-Mags. Aggros is not on a label, they are 100% D.I.Y. and their music videos are only viewable on Parris' YouTube channel, which is an interesting way to engage with fans and build a following.
The band's debut album, "Rise Of The Aggros", brings you 5 songs that blend elements of hardcore, punk, thrash, and progressive rock. The album features COBZ on drums, Chuck Lenihan (Crumbsuckers) on guitar, and on the track “Fear View Mirror”, Roy Mayorga (Ministry, Stone Sour, Nausea) joins in on drums. Each song is driven by intricate guitar riffs, dynamic drumming, and powerful bass lines. What's particularly impressive about Aggros is their ability to create a heavy sound without the use of vocals. Each song stands on its own, the instruments do all the talking. This allows listeners to focus on the music itself, which is expertly crafted and executed.
My all-time favorite instrumental punk album has been Greg Ginns’ (Black Flag) side project, “Gone - Let's Get Gone, Real Gone For a Change”. It took 38yrs for another really good instrumental album to be released, do yourself a favor and check out "Rise Of The Aggros", you won't be disappointed! Available now on CD, Vinyl, and as a 
digital download at

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Bloodclot - Souls

To finish off 2022, NYHC legend John Joseph dropped his 3rd studio album of his revived “Bloodclot” project titled, “Souls”. The band pre-dates the Cro-Mags, back when John was a roadie for the Bad Brains in the early 80’s. Throughout the years, Bloodclot always featured a solid line-up made up of all-stars such as, Darryl Jenifer (Bad Brains), Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss), Joey Castillo (Wasted Youth, Danzig), Todd Youth (Warzone, Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law), just to name a few. The band’s latest incarnation features guitarist Tom Capone (Quicksand, Beyond), bassist Craig Setari (Sick of It All, Agnostic Front, Straight Ahead), and drummer Darren Morgenthaler (Madball, Maximum Penalty). 

“Souls” features six new songs, plus a cover of the Bad Brains “How Low Can a Punk Get". The opening track comes straight at you, dishing out an intense aggression that gets your blood pumping right from the start. The songs are all well written, you can feel the passion and energy that went into recording this album. The production sounds great, and the crossover hardcore style has a good balance. In my opinion, John's vocal work on this album is his best yet. It’s more creative and well thought out, especially on “Infectious” which is my favorite track. 

I feel this is “Bloodclots” best release to date. It’s currently streaming on all platforms and it's also available on vinyl in different color variants. Upstate Records has sold out of the vinyl, so if you see one out there, snatch it up!